About - Noah Behdaoui Fitness

My name is Noah Behdaoui, I’ve been training busy stressed Canary Wharf professionals to get on top of their game and manage stresses and challenges of office life for the past 5 years intensively.

I’ve spent the past 10 years honing in on my craft of training/fitness/health like crazy exploring all avenues to find the most efficient systems for getting my clients in shape, boosting energy levels, feel more confident and transforming their bodies.

I am dedicated and passionate about my craft, maintaining 70 hour work weeks for the past 5 years post completion of my degree in sport science. I have successfully implemented my techniques and expertise on my members helping them to become stronger, leaner, happier and more energetic high performers.

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I’ve completed over 10,000 hours in the trenches, on the gym floor helping professionals just like you to level up on their fitness, health and lifestyle.

Do you wake up feeling tired, sluggish and not in the best of moods?

Do you hit midday and reach for a coffee, beer or sugar because you feel your focus decreasing? Struggle to get a good night of sleep? My mission is to show you a new way of life that removes the unhealthy habits, the habits that keep you in a vicious cycle of feeling tired, overweight and sluggish, making you feel like shit. 

The goal is to replace these habits with positive & healthy habits that are scientifically proven to have a great impact on how you feel, get you losing weight, feeling more energetic and more in control of your lifestyle. I want you to feel great and enjoy life to the fullest.

​Our boutique fitness studio caters to every aspect of the corporate world.

We run sessions before work, at lunch and after work. All of our sessions are specifically designed to give you the biggest R.O.I in the shortest time possible so you can get back to high performance. Choose between private small group training capped at a maximum of 4 per class or fully private 121 sessions where you will get to work with the best trainers in canary wharf. Just you, our friendly, knowledgeable and passionate trainers, the gym floor and no hassle waiting to get on machines or wondering whether you are performing exercises correctly anymore.


“The 12 week transformation programme left me feeling healthier and I lost a lot of weight, that was the start. My friends noticed how much my body had changed. I now feel better, I feel more confident and know that if I persevere, I will get the results I want.”

​Anil Sharma

I found behdaoui fitness different because of the holistic approach that Noah has got, when I thought about getting a trainer I thought it would all be about the training. But Noah has been really encouraging, hes helped with life events, nutrition and given me an all round holistic approach. “


At Noah Behdaoui Fitness, It was a very structured approach, I was given plans in the past that were not relevant and didn’t work. I guess that was the most important thing I found was to have a detailed plan that works. It went very quick, if you are disciplined you see results very quickly.”


Book Your Free Consultation With One of Our Friendly Passionate Coaches