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  • Ready to stop using alcohol, coffee, sugar etc to mask tiredness and finally smash through the stresses and challenges of corporate life? 
  • Are you ready to stop feeling sluggish, overweight and beat down?

At NB Fitness we keep you accountable to a healthy lifestyle. We want you to get results, and consistently perform at your best.

We can help you

  • Lose unwanted, unsightly and stubborn body fat while getting stronger, less bloated more toned at the same time.
  • Look and feel amazing in your clothes whether it’s a corporate suit for the guys or a sexy dress for the ladies
  • Sleep better every single night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day more focused than ever before
  • Feel and look younger than you have in years and feel like you have the energy levels to be at your best in work and in life.

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Here at Noah Behdaoui Fitness our mission is this.

We help busy professionals struggling with stresses and challenges of corporate life to level up their focus, confidence, energy, strength and fitness goals to keep them on top of their game and performing at their very best.

Me and my team believe a number of key principles are the pillars to helping you live a healthier and happier life.


Sleep one of the most underrated performance enhancers, anything less than 6 hours just won’t cut it. This can be the difference between a day of getting shit done or procrastinating


Learning the style of eating that is most beneficial for you is a powerful tool. Build a strong toned physique and hit the office each day ready to get shit done.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is what builds a stronger, leaner, more powerful physique. Many great hormonal changes also occur as a result of hitting the weights. Our resistance programmes will have you feeling fit, strong and ready to tackle the challenges of the day.


A huge overlooked part of performance is about recovery. I’ll show you how to integrate recovery to sustain a hectic lifestyle. If you don’t take time to recover, eventually it will catch up to you and lead to burnout.

Healthy Habits

creating positive habits is what will allow you to see positive results. I help you integrate those habits in a way that suits your lifestyle to keep you performing at your best.


Energy= Motivation. It’s no secret that water makes up almost 80% of our bodies, without it you will be left with less energy and dehydration. Stay hydrated to keep your energy levels firing and motivation optimal.

The NB Fitness 12 Week Body Transformation for Busy Professionals

Our 12 week body transformation will have you powered up on focus, energy and feeling stronger and leaner than ever before.

We take the guesswork out of your training so you can start seeing real results quickly. Our fitness and lifestyle programme will dramatically improve the quality of your life and have you feeling at your very best. 

Our sessions run at times to suit you and your work so you can always fit into your busy schedule. All we ask is that you can commit to 3 training sessions per week for best results.

Our expert team can take care of all aspects of your health and fitness from nutrition to recovery etc…...

Plus our no BS coaches guarantee accountability level 100 every step of the way to ensure that you stick to the plan to get the results you want faster than you ever thought you could...

We’ve already helped hundreds of busy stressed professionals. They are benefiting from our services and we want you to reap the benefits as well.

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Book Your Free Consultation With One of Our Friendly Passionate Coaches