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12+kilos of Fat Dropped

Fredericks started at NB Fitness with the goal of getting that beach body. He wanted to add muscle and get lean to look and feel great on the beach. But it was important to him that he didn’t get too bulky as he still wanted to look good in his work suit. 

Just 12 weeks after joining NB Fitness he had lost a jaw dropping 12+ kilograms of weight, drastically increasing muscle mass and losing nearly all of that 12 kilos from body fat.

Who? Frederick Jean-Baptiste, 36, Sales Executive, Canary Wharf.

Member since May 2018.

He told me that he wasn’t happy with the level of results he was seeing despite working with previous personal trainers, he had hit a plateau in his weight loss and was hungry to start seeing some real results. It hit him the most when he took his summer holiday in the carribean and felt conscious on the beach without his T-shirt.

He also wanted to lift heavier weights without getting injured as he had suffered lower back injuries from previous training and sitting at his desk all day at work.

Did it work ? After joining my 12 week transformation programme, Fred never looked back. The weight kept dropping, he was getting fitter and fitter each week, feeling unstoppable and even learnt how to train around his lower back injury safely whilst still getting in killer shape!

Frederick is now fitter, healthier and happier than ever with the level of results at NB Fitness Canary Wharf. He has found the right eating strategy to ensure he can stay lean year round, and can’t wait to take his top off at the beach to show off his new torso. 

He feels more in control of his lifestyle habits and even reports increased energy, focus and productivity at the office. 


Noah Behdaoui

Head Coach NB Fitness


P.s. Fred achieved jaw dropping results, and here’s the thing. You can too!


He has a very demanding work schedule, is expected to perform at a high level but still finds the time to make his health & fitness a priority. In fact the fitter he gets the better he performs in all areas of life. 


About the Author Noah Behdaoui

Fitness Coach Noah Behdaoui helps busy professionals struggling with the stresses and challenges of corporate life to level up their focus, confidence, energy, strength and fitness to keep them top of their game and performing at their very best.

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