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Sams Success Story: Added 5Kg of Muscle


Sam is a 37-year-old Trader in Canary Wharf and dad to two girls. He first started working with me in 2019. His goal was to shift his ever-expanding gut, to build some muscle and keep him out of trouble if you know what I mean!

Since working with me at NB Fitness Canary Wharf he has packed on a huge 5 kilos of muscle mass and reduced his body fat from 19% to 10%. And get rid of some of his “unhealthy” habits.

He Slipped into unhealthy habits, a hectic career was getting the better of him and this was causing trouble in all areas of his life.

He wanted to transform his body so he could look and feel unstoppable.

Sam joined my 28-day body transformation challenge and started to see real results in his fitness. Reduced belly fat wasn’t the only change.

He felt more energetic, stronger and generally more confident in life.

As I like to say…when you make progress in your health & fitness, it doesn’t stop there. That progress will have a ripple effect into other areas of your life.

Once Sam started the 28-day challenge he hasn’t looked back since. In fact, he even signed up for my 12-month personal training package and is now in the best shape of his life. He’s keen to keep it that way.

With just 3 hours of personal training per week, Sam was able to drop the habits that were not serving him, clean up his nutrition, have the discipline to control his drinking, and most importantly make this a way of life. So that he can look and feel amazing all year round.

Noah Behdaoui,

Head Coach at NB Fitness

About the Author Noah Behdaoui

Fitness Coach Noah Behdaoui helps busy professionals struggling with the stresses and challenges of corporate life to level up their focus, confidence, energy, strength and fitness to keep them top of their game and performing at their very best.

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